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Kerala, one of the smallest states in India has a total area of 38863 Sq. km and it lies between North Latitude 8° 18’ and 12° 48’ and East Longitude 74° 52’ and 77° 22’. This beautiful evergreen strip of land has won the admirations of tourists all-over the world, mainly because of its varied and peculiarly charming physical features.

Kerala is a state with three Zones of land:
High land - Above 250’ (76.2m) from Mean Sea Level.
Mid land - Between 250' (76.2m) and 25’ (7.6m) from Mean Sea Level.
Low land – Upto 25’ (7.6m) from Mean Sea Level.

There are 41 West Flowing and 3 East Flowing rivers in Kerala. Kerala receives a fairly good rainfall of 3000mm in an average, but the state is experiencing scarcity of water for its domestic needs. The state receives about 90% of the annual rainfall during the monsoon months from June to August and from October to November. The remaining period from December to May is practically dry. Most of the rain water received during monsoon period flows to sea within 48 hours of rainfall due to the character of the geographic terrain of the state.

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